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Heat Soaking

Heat Soaking

Heat soaking is an extra process that can be carried out on toughened glass to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage through Nichol Sulphide (NiS) inclusions when the glass is in use.

Heat soaking is a destructive test designed to break glass that is at risk, generally achieving a conversion rate of 90 to 95%. Heat soaking will not detect other inclusions such as silica that can also cause breakage.

Heat-soak testing is recommended for safety-critical work such as atrium glazing and balustrades as well as for overhead glazing and highly trafficked areas such as airports and other high-profile areas where breakage would be very emotive.

Please speak to one of our Technical Specialists if you have any queries.

Relevant standard BS EN 14179

Certificate of Heat soak calibration to BS EN 14179-1:2005

Available on glass thicknesses 6 to 19mm