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Laminated Safety Glass Suppliers & Manufacturers

Laminated Safety Glass Suppliers & Manufacturers

Laminated Glass is a safety glass which is specifically manufactured to ensure integrity when shattered. It is made from two or more layers of glass, joined together by an interlayer between the sheets. If the glass should accidentally break, it is the interlayer which acts as a bond and keeps the glass in place.

As leading UK suppliers of laminated safety glasses, CT Glass use a PVB, polyvinyl butyral, interlayer to create a high strength interlayer, which prevents glass from shattering into large shards when broken. A sheet of broken laminated glass often has cracks which resemble a spider web, this effect is created when the bonded glass is damaged but remains safely in place.

The laminating process involves placing the PVB interlayer between the glass sheets and then subjecting to heating and pressure within an autoclave to bond the components together to create flat laminated glass.

Why choose laminated glass?

Laminated glass is usually specified where there would be a danger of injury or damage if the glass were to break.  Therefore it is commonly used in any overhead glazing, such as skylights, atria, canopies and high level balconies, balustrading and glass facades. It is also often used in retail settings to offer extra safety and security, such as store fronts, windows, curtain walling and internal panelling.

Laminated glass is also frequently specified in internal applications where sound proofing is required.  Acoustic laminate is used in office screens and internal partitions to create meeting rooms and distinct spaces where privacy and lack of noise intrusion may be required. In this instance a specialist acoustic PVB layer is used which improves the sound insulation rating of a window or glass panel. CT Glass are a large volume supplier of acoustic laminates to office glazing and internal partitioning market in the UK.

Specialist laminated glasses can be used where bullet resistant properties are required and in high technology applications such as smart glass. All laminated and specialist glasses are manufactured in line with current UK safety, quality and environmental standards. For all your laminated and safety glass requirements, please get in touch with one of our team.