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Toughened Laminated Safety Glass Suppliers

Toughened Laminated Safety Glass Suppliers

Toughened laminated glass is a combination of toughened and laminated glass consisting of sheets of toughened safety glass bonded together with a robust plastic interlayer to enhance safety and security.  The lamination provides the added benefit of retaining glass fragments to keep the glass in place in the event of breakage.

Toughened laminated can create a barrier which is very difficult to penetrate, thus offering enhanced security. If one of the toughened glass panes does happen to be broken, there is a two fold effect on safety, in that the toughened glass will break in a manner that will not cause injury and the lamination will ensure there are no falling glass particles

Why specify toughened laminated glass?

As leading UK suppliers of toughened laminated, CT Glass provides glass for projects where the highest levels of safety and security are required. Toughened glass can offer the ultimate protection against intruders, as toughened glass alone will not withstand damage in case of an attempted break in. In addition, it offers the greatest protection from human injury, due to minimising the chance of sharp glass shards being formed, which can be a threat to life.

The properties of toughened laminated are obviously highly desirable to specifiers, who can see the potential advantages when glass is being used for installations where safety is of greater concern, for example canopies, balustrades and glass flooring.

Toughened laminated is available in a wide range of glasses and thicknesses and can be used to satisfy all safety glazing requirements of Approved Document N of the Building Regulations and BS 6262 part 4. Subject to calculations it can be used to form full height barriers, infill panel barriers as well as free standing structural balustrades in compliance with Approved Document K of the Building Regulations and BS 6180.

For additional testing for Nickel Sulphide inclusions, Toughened laminated can also undergo the additional process of Heat Soaking to BS EN 14179.