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Trosifol Black & White

Trosifol Black & White

TROSIFOL® have announced the expansion of their coloured film range to include five new black and white architectural films.

Brilliant Black offers unsurpassed depth, high colour brilliance and is totally opaque. It is accompanied by four white options ranging from Diamond White, a rich strong shade of white, also opaque, with high reflectance to Shining White, a dazzling aesthetic white with 10 per cent transmittance.

Sand White is an elegant, semi-transparent shade of white which has 70 percent light transmittance, whereas White Translucent is an all-rounder offering 55 percent transmittance.

TROSIFOL® can create highly transparent laminated safety glass in an abundant range of COLOURS, whilst the new BLACK & WHITE films broaden creative horizons. Trosifol colours are ideal for use in laminated safety glass for interior and exterior applications: façades, canopies, balconies, partition walls, furniture, kitchens and floors.

TROSIFOL® films make glass safer, and have been doing so for almost 60 years. Trosifol films provide excellent edge stability, high mechanical strength and exceptional durability.