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Trosifol Colour

Trosifol Colour

TROSIFOL® COLOUR offers Architects and Designers a dynamic colour palette to showcase colour in their glazing designs. Producing a broad spectrum of colours and moods, Trosifol® Colour gives architects and designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before.

TROSIFOL® COLOUR is a PVB design film for coloured laminated safety glass. With 15 standard colours it offers a huge diversity of possible uses. High colour intensity is achieved with just a single film within the glass module; multiple layers are not necessary. Thanks to its outstanding colourfastness, TROSIFOL® COLOUR is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Is your colour missing? For a minimum order quantity, many other colours can be produced on request. Please contact the CT Glass Technical sales team for further information and colour samples.

TROSIFOL® films make glass safer, and have been doing so for almost 60 years. Trosifol films provide excellent edge stability, high mechanical strength and exceptional durability.